CAL 101 | IM Socialist

When it comes to the ideation of socialism vs. capitalism we typically think within the framing of economic justice. When it comes to politics, socialism is usually grouped with the people on the “left” (liberal), while capitalism falls to the group on the “right” (conservative). 

What does the Word of God have to say about these two forms of governing people? This course will answer this question and many more. This course is perfect for students who desire to understand politics and cultural trending issues.

Presenters: Dr. Jeff Myers, Andy Puzder & Dr. Stephen Phinney. 

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Instructions & Overview
    • CAL Political Series
    • IM Worldview Institute
    • CAL Political Mini-Course Instructions
    • Time to Donate
  • 2
    Welcome | IM Socialist Course
    • CAL Series Overview
    • How to Maximize This Course
    • CAL Intro Assessment
  • 3
    Art of Dark Framing
    • Jeff Myers Video
    • Dark Framing Assessment
  • 4
    IM Socialist
    • Dr. Phinney's Video Lecture
    • IM Socialism Article
    • IM Socialist Assessment
  • 5
    Capitalism vs. Socialism
    • Andy Puzder Video
    • Capitalism vs. Socialism Assessment
  • 6
    Next Steps...
    • Thank You For Attending
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    • More CAL Political Series Options
    • All Course Options
    • Final Assessment
    • Course Certificate

Donation-Based Course

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