IM Financial Assistance

The Top Three Requirements

  • Authentic Need

    IM wants to help students with authentic financial needs. Our assistance does not cover students who simply want free stuff.

  • Authentic Value

    It is said that true value needs an investment. For each dollar given to our students, a donor covers those costs through their sacrificial giving.

  • Authentic Investment

    We believe every student can give. The question becomes, "How?" Our school has an exchange program - volunteering for course work.

Become A Donor

Help Those With An Authentic Need

The IM Institute is a donation-based school. Consider giving to IM Worldview Institute. We are a non-profit outreach of IOM America, which is a tax-deductible organization by law. We can't do-what-we-do without you! Your giving will assist us in continuing to provide course work to our needy students throughout the world. Any amount will help!
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In Need Of Assistance

I Have An Authentic Need

Authentic needs are described as students who are unable to contribute to course enrollment due to geographical or moderate poverty circumstances. While we keep our prices at a below market value, we understand that some students cannot contribute. If you believe you are one of those in need, please click on the link below and fill out the application. Thank you for your honesty & integrity!
Assistance Application