This Series Is Dedicated to Dr. Cornell L. Haan

In a world committed to self-empowerment, self-management, and self-interpretation, a Biblical worldview is critical. Our Christ-as-Life Political Series will address the top political talking points and cultural trends. Prager University and the Identity Matters Worldview Institute have partnered in bringing you exceptional video content, lectures, and written publications - all within 30+ minute courses. This could be the most relevant & coherent online course work on the internet. 

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  • Multiple Courses

    Check this page often. We plan to add multiple courses throughout the year focused on political and cultural trending issues.

  • Presenters

    Each course will host two presenters - one from PragerU and the other from IM Worldview Institute. Courses will be packed with written downloadable publications.

  • Balanced View

    Guarantee. All courses will present a just and honest conservative view of trending issues & political ideations. It is our promise & commitment.

CAL 101 | IM Socialist

[30 Min.] When it comes to the ideation of socialism vs. capitalism we typically think within the framing of economic justice. When it comes to politics, socialism is usually grouped with the people on the “left” (liberal), while capitalism falls to the group on the “right” (conservative). Presenters: Andy Puzder, Dr. Jeff Myers & Dr. Stephen Phinney.
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CAL 101 | IM Socialist

REV 101 | Power of Prophecy

[30 Min.] The book of Revelation is not a book of prophecy, even though it contains prophecies. It is primarily prophecy being fulfilled. There are more elements of fulfilled prophecy in this one book than in any other book of the Bible (Matt. 16:16-17). It is what it is—the writing of the Revelation of the Life of Christ. Presenters: Mike Rowe, Dennis Prager & Dr. Stephen Phinney.
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REV 101 | Power of Prophecy

CAL 102 Socialist Play God

[30 Min.] Socialism is a populist economic, religious and political system based on group public ownership of the means of advancing “world-peace.” Those means include the use of methodologies of the church, family, the workplace, and politics – usually, if not always, the decisions are made by the government. The system as a whole is based on attempting to play God.
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CAL 102 Socialist Play God
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Our Method of Posting

We begin with isolating "trending" topics on the internet. On a weekly basis, we pick a topic and begin conducting global research to gain statistics, perspectives, and present "Christian" worldviews. Our ministry then conducts a Bible study on the topic. From this study, we produce a teaching. The teaching is first presented to a live audience. A short video teaching is produced & posted on the internet, while we watch for trending views. It is from this analysis we determine the development of an online course - to be hosted within the Identity Matters Online School.