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Because Jesus is Truth, we divert all students away from using Biblical truths as a way to perpetuate the wisdom of Christ and do not necessarily claim His indwelling Life. Most "Christian" worldview institutions tend to systematically explain the basic concepts of His Truth, existence, reality, and freedom, but shy away from the Supremacy of His indwelling promise - living through the believer.

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    The IM Online School makes use of quality video feeds. We provide illustrative, teaching, and tutorial productions to assist the student.

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    We integrate audio lectures via podcasts, broadcasts, and multiple forms of high-quality audio feeds. We are committed to audio excellence.

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    Our online school is primarily built upon text feeds. Meaning, we make use of publications each instructor provides for their course work.

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CAL 102 | Socialist Play God

[30 Min.] Socialism is a populist economic, religious and political system based on group public ownership of the means of advancing “world-peace.” The system as a whole is based on attempting to play God.
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CAL Political Series

In a world committed to self-empowerment, self-management, and self-interpretation, a Biblical worldview is critical. Our Christ-as-Life (CAL) Political Series will address the top political talking points and cultural trends. Prager University and the Identity Matters Worldview Institute have partnered in bringing you exceptional video content, lectures, and written publications - all within 30-minute courses. This could be the most relevant & coherent online course work on the internet.
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CAL Political Series

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It is our honor to offer this course to you. Join the 1,900+ online learners in discovering an authentic Christ-as-Life leadership method of leading. Enjoy & be blessed.
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Leadership Introduction Video

Take a few moments to watch this fast-moving short video clip unfolding the details contained in the "Christ-as-Life Leadership" flagship course.


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Revealing The 12-Transformational Truths

Identity Matters Overview is an introductory course of the believer’s identification with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension - in daily living. This is what we call the Abiding Life in Christ. This is an introduction to the full Identity Matters Conference., and training program.
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