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Because Jesus is Truth, we divert all students away from using Biblical truths as a way to perpetuate the wisdom of Christ and do not necessarily claim His indwelling Life. Most "Christian" worldview institutions tend to systematically explain the basic concepts of His Truth, existence, reality and freedom, but shy away from the Supremacy of His indwelling promise - living through the born-again believer. The object of their modality assert His facts or Truth statements, and the causes of His phenomena; only to enlarge the student's own knowledge of the Holy. This method-of-madness propels the "follower" to live their "Christian" life by way of external beliefs, which derails them from discovering true salvation.

 The Identity Matters Worldview Institute focuses on the Truth (Jesus), and the reality of the believer's identity in Christ. The world is then viewed through the mind of Christ that resides within authentic Christians. 

(1 Corinthians 2:16)

Three Primary Worldviews

There is global confusion when it comes to the meaning of "Christian Worldviews." Presently, there are over 300 religions that make claim to the name "Christian." We refer to these individuals and groups as "Christ-Followers." With this in mind, our Institute sets out to revitalize the original worldview found in the Word of God - none other then the view Christ has of the world through the indwelt believer.

  • Secular - views that have no religious or spiritual basis

  • Christ Follower - those who make claim to the name/teachings of Christ

  • Christ-as-Life - a view of the world through the mind of Jesus Christ, who lives in, and through, the born-again believer

Identity Matters Worldview Centers

Establishing Christ-as-Life Portals

Each Identity Matters Worldview Center is designed to provide the learner with an experience that centers upon the integration process of a strong Christ-as-Life worldview, faith, and what IOM coins as, the 12-Points of Transformation. The student will grow their Christian faith and become acutely aware of how their self-life behavior wars against the Word of God, all the while learning about and embracing, a Biblical worldview.

The Identity Matters Worldview Institute is the home-base & work-station for each global center.

IM Worldview Institute presently has 100+ centers in development worldwide!

IM Leadership Team

The Institute's leadership has several layers to its structure—the Honorary Board, IM Institute Consultants, Executive Board, IM Instructors & the Student Board of Regents. We have been blessed with a quality leadership team. 

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The IM Worldview Institute History

Past | Present | Future

The Identity Matters Worldview Institute was originally formed under the ministry of Release Ministries back in 1987 - initially named, Release Ministries Leadership Institute.  After the formation of The Institute of Ministry (IOM America) in 2001, the Institute was placed under their management.  Now 30+-years later, the Institute has morphed into the Identity Matters Worldview Institute - casting the vision of "Equipping the Generations Through the Mind of Christ."  Simply stated, equipping true born-again believers in viewing the world through the indwelling mind of Jesus Christ.  We thank Dr. Phinney for his persistent endeavors in establishing, building and maintaining the root-system of one of the leading Christ-as-Life worldview institutions in the world today!  

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