Why Enroll In This Institute

Advancing The Abiding Life of Christ

This mini-course details the ideologies, definitions, methods & thinking behind the Identity Matters Worldview Institute & Online School. Please review this overview for details & student scheduling.
Why Enroll In This Institute

Why Enroll Course Curriculum

  • 1
    IM Institute Presents
    • IM Promotional
    • Student Walkthrough
    • Why This Institute
    • Our History
    • About The Institue
    • What We Offer
    • About IOM America
  • 2
    Why Enroll
    • Video Message | IM Chancellor
    • IFEL Member Overview
    • Three Worldviews
    • Join LinkHim Network
    • Institute Learning Styles
    • Our Style of Leadership
    • Primary Theological Foundation
  • 3
    Next Steps...
    • IM Recommended Courses
    • Your Feedback
    • Final Course Assessment
    • Why Enroll In This Institute Certificate

IM Gift To Our Students

The Chancellor unfolds the full benefits of student enrollment. His unique approach to Biblical worldview (Christ in you) adds a refreshing view not commonly used in defining a Christian worldview.