Introduction To IM e-Learning

The Start of Your Journey

Instructors Dr. Stephen Phinney & James Manktelow will walk each student through a step-by-step tutorial for our methodology & e-learning secrets to a successful learning experience.
Introduction To IM e-Learning

IM e-Learning Course Curriculum

Your adventure starts here.

  • 1
    Introduction To e-Learning
    • IM Institute Welcome Video
    • IM Student Walkthrough Video
    • IM e-Learning Video
    • 4-Styles of Learning
    • Time to Donate
  • 2
    Develop A Learning Plan
    • IM Organized Video
    • Manage Your e-Learning
    • Practice What You Preach
    • e-Learning Survey
  • 3
    Mind Map Your e-Learning
    • IM Mind Mapping Video
    • Mind Map Steps
    • Cornell Student System
    • Cornell System PDF
    • Pick Your System
  • 4
    Active Listening & Reading
    • Active Listening Video
    • Active Listening Outline
    • Speed Reading Video
    • Speed Reading Outline
  • 5
    Next Steps...
    • Be A Coach & Grow
    • More IM Resources
    • Final Course Assessment
    • Honor System
    • Introduction e-Learning IM Certificate PDF

IM Gift to Students

This course provides the basics in "best practices" for online e-learning. We recommend all new students to enroll in this course.