Exchanged Life Workers

Releasing Christ From Within

This course is an IM Mini-Course. Even though it is a short course, it is packed with powerful, life-changing principles and truths. The content clearly reveals the difference between typical "Christian" workers and those that make use of the Life of Christ doing the work through the workers.
Exchanged Life Workers

Exchanged Life Worker Course Curriculum

Who Is Doing The Work Here?

  • 1
    IM Institute Presents
    • IM Worldview Institute
    • Exchanged Life Workers
    • Fear of Sharing
    • Time to Donate
  • 2
    Welcome to the course!
    • Student Walkthrough
    • Bring Your Stuff
    • Before You Start Survey
  • 3
    Let's get started!
    • Fear of Success
    • The What | Exchanged Life Workers
    • Fear of Success Assessment
  • 4
    Lesson One
    • Disciple In Christ
    • The Exchanged Life Leadership
  • 5
    Lesson Two
    • Indwelling Name
    • Commission to Admonish
  • 6
    Lesson Three
    • Indwelling Gospel
    • Leadership Killers
  • 7
    Lesson Four
    • Indwelling Light
    • Filled With Knowledge
  • 8
    Lesson Five
    • Dust of Flesh
    • Post-Truth Approach
  • 9
    Lesson Six
    • Spirit of Redemption
    • Loving One Another
  • 10
    Lesson Seven
    • Follow or Indwelt Video
    • Not About Denominations
  • 11
    Next Steps...
    • Podcast Teachings Available
    • Submit Your Final Essay
    • Networking Workers
    • More IM Resources
    • Final Course Assessment
    • Exchanged Life Workers Certificate

IM Value Course

There is eternal value in determining the difference between a Christian doing the work FOR Jesus vs. Jesus doing the work through the indwelt Christian. Learn the difference.