Exchanged Life Workers

Global Outreach For A Global Commission

  • Walking The Talk

    Walking the talk is much different than talking about the walk. Global ministry application starts with walking in, and through Christ Jesus. Inwardly.

  • No Peace

    Jesus said He didn't come to bring peace but rather a sword. This sword is the Word of Truth. People-pleasing in ministry is a killer OF ministry.

  • Word Application

    Authentic Word application starts with releasing the Word (Jesus) through the worker of the Gospel. The application is evidenced in changed lives in Christ.

Exchanged Life Application

Authentic Abiding Life In Christ

This course will provide the basics of integrating each of the seven courses within the Level-One Exchanged Life content & materials development into a local outreach/ministry. Dr. Phinney will offer many of the practical tools, & methods, he uses to establish a successful ministry.
Exchanged Life Application

Ministry Application Course Curriculum

Walking The Talk

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IM Gift to Students

This course is the introduction overview of the flagship course "Ministry Application." Learning to walk the talk in daily ministry is critical in gaining respect of those around you. Learn more.

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