200 Identity Series

Itemizing Our Identity

Global Worldview Centers are field-outreaches of the Identity Matters Worldview Institute. These field centers are used to gather individuals & IFEL (International Fellowship of Exchanged Life) members into a single training venue - by making use of the IM Online Worldview Institute, and/or, live training by Center Representatives & Directors. All overview tracks help the student located & link to recommended course-work.
200 Identity Series

200 Series Course Curriculum

Reviewing The Top Center Development Courses

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    200 Series Overview
    • Five Course Overview
    • #1 IM Center Development
    • #2 Center/Ministry Structure
    • #3 The Grand Opening
    • #4 Associate Member Development
    • #5 Graduate Benefits
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    • Identity Creed
    • Active Steps Available

IM Gift to Students

Many times students are not sure where to start when it comes to their interest in starting a local outreach - with the Truths of who the believer is in Christ. This short review course will assist in that adventure.