The Benefits

How is it that the Lord’s Church has been labelled as the Post-Truth Church? How did she get here? The answer comes to us through a question, “who’s your teacher?”

  • Learn the importance of knowing "Christianized Institutions" & discipleship programs

  • Discover the characteristics of a false teacher by placing the emphasis in studying the authentic

  • Learn the meaning of Christ "spitting" the lukewarm church out of His mouth - taken from Revelation chapter 3

Beware Of False Teachers

Discovering What The Word of God Says

This is one of the more sensitive subjects in Christiandom. Discover the theologically sound facts regarding how to "pick-out" a false teacher in any teaching environment. The key is in the study of authentic teachers.
Beware Of False Teachers

Beware of False Teachers Course Curriculum

Knowing The Authentic Reveals The False

IM Value Course

This mini-course might be short is packed with a punch. Learn about the details associated with discovering false teachers and their demonic doctrines.