IM Worldview Centers

Establishing Your Outreach

Course Overview: This course is an IM Mini-Course. Even though it is a short course, it is packed with practical lessons unveiling the ideologies, vision & mission of developing an IM Worldview field Center. Our objective is not only to train individuals in the believer's identity in Christ but, to equip leaders in establishing "field-portals" for training other pastors & ministry leaders in their localized outreach services.
IM Worldview Centers

IM Worldview Centers Course Curriculum

Establishing Your Outreach

  • 1
    IM Institute Presents
    • IM Center Overview
  • 2
    Welcome To This Preview
    • Student Walkthrough
    • Disciples In Christ
    • Pre-course Assessment
  • 3
    Let's get started!
    • The Why | Coming Soon
    • The What | IM Center Development
  • 4
    Next Steps...
    • More IM Resources
    • Before you go...

IM Gift to Students

This is an overview mini-course depicting the basic details of developing an IM Worldview Center. This is also a drip-system course. Meaning, new content is added.

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