The Indwelling Gifts

Have you opened your gift yet?

It is my desire for each person that goes through this course to discover the experience of the fullness of His gifting within the believer. It is the responsibility of your church leadership to help you discover your gifting. Do not hesitate to contact your pastor to get your questions answered. If your pastor is of the modality that spiritual-gifts are no longer in effect, you will need to contact a leader who does embrace spiritual gifting. This series is to start the process of you embracing all that God has for you regarding His spiritual gifts. - Dr. Phinney
The Indwelling Gifts

Indwelling Gifts Course Curriculum

What's In Your Gift Box?

IM Value Course

This course is designed to assist students in discovering their Spiritual Gifts. A full-testing, and analysis, is built into the course work. Take advantage of this course to ignite your indwelling gifts - tap into the power of Christ!