The Art Of Spiritual Warfare

Based On A Book By Dr. Stephen Phinney

Course Overview: This course is taken from Dr. Phinney's popular book, The Art of Spiritual Warfare. The course extracts many of the Scriptures relating to Biblical warfare and applies them to everyday life. The author reveals strategies of human warfare and how they are much like the strategies needed for spiritual war.
The Art Of Spiritual Warfare

Art Of Spiritual Warfare Course Curriculum

Sound | Biblical | Relevant | Strategic

  • 1
    IM Institute Presents
    • The Art of Spiritual Warfare
  • 2
    Course Mission
    • Student Walkthrough
    • Here On A Mission
    • Pre-course Assessment
  • 3
    Overview | Spiritual Warfare
    • The Why | Coming Soon
    • The What | Developing Associates
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    Next Steps...
    • More IM Resources
    • Before you go...

IM Value Course

This course is not only loaded with sound Biblical prayers clearly reveals strategic methods of battling the "dark forces" that surround the believer. This is a drip-system course. Meaning, new content will be added.