REV 106 | The Two Views of Revelation

The book of Revelation has captured the audience of religions and governments since the date of its writing.  Some readers are attracted to it for political reasons, while others are fascinated by the spiritual accuracy and foundation it bears.   Most use this book to debate the ages.   Whatever the attraction, the fact remains; it is the most accurate historical piece of literary writing known to mankind.

Biblical history is special because it involves a God who inspires.  Most historical accounts of events and people are written by the minds of the people that write them.  This is not the case with the Bible.  Man and God are making history as a unified team.  Is this unique?  Not to God, but as for man, impossible without the supernatural control of God through the Holy Spirit within the mind of man.

Presenters: Eric Metaxas, Dennis Prager & Dr. Stephen Phinney. 

The Two Views

[60 Min.] All of the Biblical writers provide perfect illustrations of the dynamic approach to history. Every illustrative story (actual events) were role-playing the message of the book of Revelation. One of many examples is the pathway of Moses: the bondage to Egypt (Adamic nature), being set free from Pharaoh (hands of Satan), walking through the Red Sea (Salvation), forty years in the wilderness (ending the self-life), crossing the Jordon (identity in Christ), and entering into the Canaan land (Victorious Life of Christ). We can take similar historical events and walk through each chapter in the book of Revelation.
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The Two Views

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