CAL 102 | Socialist Play God

Socialism is a populist economic, religious and political system based on group public ownership of the means of advancing “world-peace.” Those means include the use of methodologies of the church, family, the workplace, and politics – usually, if not always, the decisions are made by the government. It is certain that this is the reason for socialists pushing for government control over religious, economic, and social justice. 

The system is based on “human rights.” Communism and socialism are umbrella terms referring to the people of these beliefs; each opposing capitalism. Socialists are strong advocates for self-government, self-management, self-interpretation, and self-as-god. Their ideologies existed long before the "Communist Manifesto" propagated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Presenters: Karl Zinsmeister, Dennis Prager & Dr. Stephen Phinney. 

CAL 102 | Socialist Play God

[30 Min] I realized that most people-helpers practice the same nasty habit of edifying self. What was this social-driven pastor to do? After God revealed this method of madness as an act of a thief, I found my starting place. I immediately began studying the Word of God considering the human bent toward stealing Christ’s responsibilities and destroying His system of monarchy. Learn more...
CAL 102 | Socialist Play God

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