Gender Transitioning

“For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body.” (Ephesians 5:23)

God created women to have a natural/instinctive ability to care for children. Furthermore, He designed men with an instinct to protect and serve women. The best illustration is, men are the outward structure of a house and women are the infrastructure within the house. This creational element was for the strict purpose of establishing Christ’s role with the Church long after He physically went on to be with His Father. This is the reason behind His design and instruction for men to function as the protector/head of their homes. If weakened, the home becomes penetrable for the enemy. When this creational element is reduced, refined masculinity is no longer developed and praised. Once masculinity is subversive, Christ’s role in the Church dissipates. Here is our scripture. Learn more.

Presenters: Allie Stuckey & Dr. Stephen Phinney. 


[60 Min.] #IM Identity Matters Productions presents, "Boys to Women." This lecture & course is a part of the IM Online School Culture & Political Series. You can attend the full course by making use of the link below. This lecture by, Dr. Stephen Phinney, addresses the issue of the trending issue of boys transitioning into girls. Who’s to blame? The answer might surprise you. We hope you are deeply moved and challenged, by this forthright speech. Trending on YouTube.
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