Five+ Course Bundle

Hand Picked Leading Courses

We have made it easy. The Chancellor has picked his top recommended courses that focuses on the believer's identity in Christ, and made them available in this bundle. The selection was made by most popular, well attended, and satisfied students. We have added additional free enrollment courses into this package as well. Considering the market value of $65 per course, this bundle is valued at $325+.

IM Top Five Bundle Includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.

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IM Value Courses

Top courses for one single donation. Donating per course can be expensive. We continue to work to find ways to provide the "best deal" for our students. Remember to check out the other IM Bundles.

Here Is How It Works

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Once the home offices receives your donation, we will send you a personalized 5-course code. When you go through the "check-out" process after each course you enroll, enter this code, and you will be given access to the course without cost. That's it.