IM Annual Fee

One Fee, All Free!

When you provide $175 for our annual fee to the Identity Matters Worldview Online School, you will gain access to 100% of all posted course work. Another significant benefit, you will be added to a list of members that will receive all new course work, published IM books, and produced media - all without charge. Finally, you will be given membership to the Chancellor's Club, which gives you FREE attendance to all conferences, seminars, concert venues, and much more.

We Encourage You To Become A Member

All Free for One Fee

Presently we have 750+ enrollments. We have been open as a school since the summer of 2018. Our Institute is sustained by student donations. Our school advisors have recommended that our school move in the direction of annual fees to keep our services active. We will continue to provide FREE courses, but all pay-per-course venues will save a bundle under the membership structure. However, we will continue to provide individual course purchases. All financial hardship students will have personal donors assigned to their accounts.

Annual Member Benefits

Our annual budget is $173,658. We keep things minimal - bear bones. Our budget includes staff salaries, office costs, marketing costs, online design & content development, media productions, software fees, online subscriptions, and equipment servicing. We have mastered the art of "big-ministry" on a shoe-string budget. Meaning, we will strategically use your donor dollar prayerfully.

  • You will receive full access to all course work. This is a $2,000+ value .

  • You will have access to all newly posted courses. By 2021, this will be an additional $1,500 value.

  • You will receive the full benefits of the Chancellor's Club. This is a value of limitless resources.

IM Annual Bundle Includes

Seventy + Courses Available

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The IM Annual Bundle is the best deal in the house. Plus, we believe it is important for all students to support their school. Your donations will be used to produce high quality online course work.

Here Is How It Works

Get Your Full Ride Today

Once the home offices receives your annual fee, we open the gate to all courses without charge. When you go through the "check-out" process after each course you enroll, our system will automatically give you the class free. That's it.

Our Annual Ministry Expenses

Some wish to donate beyond their Annual Membership. Follow the link below. We Welcome All Monthly Donors

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